Coronavirus update

The health and wellbeing of our customers is our top priority. To help keep you informed, please visit our dedicated coronavirus webpage.

Your repair responsibilities

Your responsibility for repairs will differ depending on the type of repair needed and the type of account you have with us.

Rental properties

If you are a tenant and rent a property from us, we will fix issues such as a heating breakdown or plumbing issue.

As a tenant you are responsible for some repairs, for example to domestic appliances that you have bought. We also expect you to keep your home in good condition. If we believe that a repair is not due to normal wear and tear, we will charge for the cost of the repair.

You can download our leaflet which provides full details of responsibilities for home repairs if you rent a home from us).

Leasehold, shared ownership and home owners

If you own, part-own or lease a property from us, please check your agreement for details about your repairs and maintenance responsibilities.

If you lease a flat or maisonette from us, we are responsible for maintaining and repairing the outside of the building and communal spaces in and around shared residential blocks.

Please contact your management agents directly to report communal repairs if we don’t own your freehold or manage your building.