Coronavirus update

The health and wellbeing of our customers is our top priority. To help keep you informed, please visit our dedicated coronavirus webpage.

Looking after your electrics

Electricity can be dangerous if not managed properly. However, being aware of its danger and taking a few simple steps can reduce the risk and help keep you and your family safe.ALL Looking After Your Electrics

One of the things that we do to help ensure your home is electric safe is to carry out what we call an ‘Electrical Installation Condition Report’ or EICR. This is a detailed electric safety report that we carry out at least every five years at every one of our properties. It helps us identify any electrical issues in your home and put them right, so that you can be confident your home is electric safe.

If we or one of our contractors contacts you to tell you that your home is due for an EICR, please be sure to book it in as soon as possible. Although the test needs to be carried out on a weekday, we will always try to agree a specific date and time at your convenience. The appointment can take up to four hours to complete and we will need access to all areas of your home.

Keep safe and book your appointment as soon as your receive notice that it’s due!