Identification for new customers

For any tenancy to be granted we require identification for all adults to be housed and evidence that any children to be housed are in the custody of the adults on the tenancy application.

If you are unable to provide any or all of the documents required, please contact us so we can discuss with you and help with your application.

Each applicant must provide documents from both columns below

Evidence confirming applicant's identity

One item with a photo on it from Group 1 or

2 items from Group 2 – originals only

Evidence confirming applicant's address at time of application

Two items – these must be dated within the last 3 months


Group 1  - must be valid


Driving licence with photo

National identity card (EC/ EEA)

Travel document


Group 2

Full birth certificate

Marriage certificate

Home office letter granting indefinite leave

NHS medical card

National Insurance card

Debit or credit card

Proof of right to remain in UK


Council Tax

Bank / credit card / Building Society Statement

Post Office Account Statement

DWP letter confirming benefits

Pension statement

NHS medical card

Income Tax documents (P45/ P60 etc)

Utility bills (gas, electricity, water, home telephone)


If you are in temporary accommodation, we will accept documents from your last fixed address as long as you can provide evidence of your temporary accommodation


Letter addressed to you from Housing Benefit or Local Authority Homeless Department, or of mail redirection if applicable


Evidence confirming each child to reside at the tenancy address

Birth Certificate for each child plus one of the following:

Child Benefit entitlement letter showing names of children claimed for with a recent bank statement to show payment


Child Tax Credit letter dated within the preceding month of the tenancy, clearly showing the name of any child benefit is received for.