Coronavirus update

The health and wellbeing of our customers is our top priority. To help keep you informed, please visit our dedicated coronavirus webpage.

Book a repair

If you're an Orbit tenant you can book a repair appointment if something ís broken or not working properly in your home.

  • Emergency repair? Contact us
  • Non-emergency repair? Book an appointment through My Account or you can use live chat

Find out more about repairs that we will carry out and which repairs are your responsibility.

Let us know if you need to change or cancel a repair appointment.

Repairs to communal areas

Communal area repairs we can help with include shared entrances and access controls, corridor lighting and facilities such as lifts, play equipment and fences on grounds we manage. 

Any Orbit customer (including tenants, leaseholders and home owners) can let us know if a repair is needed in a communal area  or to the external structure of a shared residential block. You can do this through My Account.