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Tenancy Services

Tenancy Services comprises of the Community Safety and Anti-Fraud Team and the Response Team who are responsible for giving advice and taking action in relation to the management of customers’ tenancies.  Both teams offer a national service operating out of three regional hubs in the East, Midlands and South. 

What we do:

The Community Safety and Anti-Fraud (CSAF) Team tackle and manage cases relating to:

If you have a fixed term tenancy this will be reviewed by our Tenancy Review Team.

The Response Team look after defined day-to-day tenancy related issues for customers living in our general needs properties.  Please refer to our Tenancy Management Policy for further information. The Response Team deals with:

Abandoned Properties

We have a duty to ensure our homes are being occupied in line with our tenancy agreements. If you believe that an Orbit property is abandoned please contact us giving the address of the property and details of why you believe it to be abandoned; we will investigate and take steps to recover the property where appropriate.

Abandoned Vehicles

If you believe that a car is abandoned on Orbit property please contact us with the registration, make, model and colour of the car and its location. If the car is parked on a public highway please contact your Local Authority. If the car is causing a dangerous obstruction please contact the Police. For further information on whether a car is abandoned click here.


If you would like to know if you are able to assign your tenancy please contact us

Breach of Tenancy

It is important that customers comply with their tenancy conditions; if you are in breach of your tenancy your home could be at risk. Our Tenancy Services Officers manage breaches and will make contact with you to discuss the breach and how it can be resolved.

Deceased Customers and Successions

When a customer passes away their tenancy does not automatically end. We understand this is a difficult time and there are many practical issues to manage; therefore we aim to make ending the tenancy as easy as possible. If you are reporting that a customer has passed away we will require the following information if known:

  • Name of customer who has passed away
  • Date of death
  • Your name, contact number/email address and address
  • Your relationship to the customer
  • Who lives in the property
  • Is there anyone that wants to remain living in the property
  • Who is the Personal Representative or Next of Kin if not you
  • Who has the keys to the property

We will also request a copy of the death certificate is sent to us once it has been issued.

If you would like to know if you are eligible to succeed to a tenancy please contact us.


Name Change

A name change request can only be agreed if you have changed your name by marriage/civil partnership or by deed poll or you have divorced. We require a copy of your marriage/civil partnership certificate or deed poll.

A divorce does not legally change your name however we will accept a name change request to your previous name on production of your decree absolute and marriage certificate

To request to change your name please complete the name change form and return to us with copy of the relevant evidence or contact us.

Settling In New Customer Visits

We visit all new customers within the first nine to 12 weeks of moving into their home to ensure they are settled in to their new home and are aware of the services we provide. 

You will be contacted in advance to arrange a date for this visit.

Tenancy Audits

We carry out regular unannounced Tenancy Audits to

  • Identify and tackle incidents of suspected tenancy fraud
  • Identify and address suspected breaches of tenancy 
  • Protect our assets
  • Support customers in need by signposting them
  • Ensure that information held is up to date and relevant and make customers aware of the services we offer

The audits are carried out by Tenancy Services Officers; who will always carry ID with them. Please do not let anyone you do not know into your home without checking their ID.