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The health and wellbeing of our customers is our top priority. To help keep you informed, please visit our dedicated coronavirus webpage.

Insuring your home and your possessions

There are two main types of insurance that can cover the costs of damage to your home and items in it:

  • Contents insurance covers costs for loss of and damage of personal possessions, kitchen appliances, furnishings and other items inside the home. We do not arrange contents insurance, however see below for information about low costs options for our customers.
  • Buildings insurance covers costs for damage to the fabric of the property (including the internal structure). If you rent from us or have a lease agreement with us, we will arrange buildings insurance for you. If you have bought the freehold of a property from us, you will be responsible for arranging buildings insurance.

Contents insurance

We don’t insure the contents of your house, this is your responsibility. However we have negotiated with Aviva Insurance Ltd a low cost contents insurance scheme for Orbit customers.

Having contents insurance is a cost-effective way of minimising the costs of repairing or replacing your home should the worst happen. The Citizens Advice website provides further information and advice about what to consider when choosing contents insurance.

Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance covers the costs for damage to the fabric of a building (such as to external walls, roofing, internal wiring and drainage) caused under circumstances specified in the insurance policy. Buildings insurance does not cover the costs of replacing or repairing personal possessions, appliances and most other items inside the home.

Do I need to arrange buildings insurance?

You don't need to arrange buildings insurance if you:

  • rent a home from us; or
  • have a lease agreement with us (however please check your lease agreement as there may be clauses relating to insurances for some lease agreements).

We will arrange buildings insurance as we are responsible for the fabric of the building you live in. If you are a leasehold customer a charge for this service is included in your monthly payments, along with any service charge you might have to pay.

You do need to arrange your own buildings insurance if you own the freehold to your home (including with a mortgage) or if your lease agreement states your are responsible for insuring the building.

Do I need to make any claims against Orbit's buildings insurance?

In most circumstances you won't need to make a claim. However we do ask that you let us know as soon as possible

The sooner we are made aware of an issue, the sooner it can be rectified, limiting the damage it may cause. This helps to minimise repair costs and future insurance costs.

If you have a lease agreement with us you will be responsible for some types of repairs within your home. However, you may be able to make a buildings insurance claim to cover some or all of the costs of repairs. To do this:

  • contact us to let us know about the issue and so we can take further action if needed (for example if the issue in your home may indicate a wider problem in a shared residential block); and
  • contact our buildings insurer, Zurich Municipal.

The contact and claims details for Zurich Municipal are:

  • 24 hour helpline: 0800 028 0336, option 1 
  • You should tell the advisor that you are an Orbit leaseholder and give them the Zurich Municipal Policy Number JHA-22S515-0023.

Zurich Municipal will help you if you need to make a claim. All claims should be reported as soon as possible. Full information needs to be provided within 30 days (7 days if you are claiming for riot or malicious damage). You must tell the police if you make a claim for theft or malicious damage.

In an emergency you should take any immediate action needed to protect your home from further damage. This might include boarding up your home or switching off gas, water or electricity supplies. Please see the home safety section for more advice.

Please contact us if you need more information.