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Tenancy and licence agreements

If you rent a home from us under a tenancy agreement or licence agreement, you can benefit from the following information and services:

Agreement terms and conditions

Tenancy and licence agreements are legal agreements which set out our terms and conditions, making it clear what you are responsible for and what we are responsible for.

  • If you need a copy of your tenancy agreement, or have any questions about your tenancy agreement, contact us.
  • Let us know about any changes to your circumstances that can affect your tenancy such as changes to your household.

Mutual exchange

If you have a social or affordable rent tenancy with us, you can exchange your home with another Orbit customer, or a customer of another social housing landlord or council housing tenant.

Find out more on the mutual exchange page.

Types of tenancies

You can check the document you signed when you moved into your home to confirm which type of tenancy agreement you have. If you’re not sure, or have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Assured non-shorthold

Assured non-shorthold is a tenancy for life, as long as the conditions of the tenancy agreement are met.

Secure tenancy

Secure tenancies were used for customers who moved into their property before January 15 ,1989 and are no longer issued by us. This is also a tenancy for life, as long as the conditions of the tenancy agreement are met.

Fixed term tenancy

This is the type of tenancy we usually offer.

A fixed term tenancy is offered for a set period of time (in Orbit’s case, five years) and is classed as an assured shorthold tenancy. We will contact you 12 months prior to the expiry of your tenancy to begin the review of your circumstances and to determine whether a new tenancy will be offered.

In the event that we do not offer you another tenancy, then we will provide advice and assistance to support you to meet your housing needs. It is important for you to understand that at the end of the five year period, there is no automatic right to a further tenancy under this scheme.

Assured shorthold tenancy

We use Assured shorthold tenancies (of less than 5 years) for those properties we are not letting on a long term basis.

Aspire to Buy tenancy

Aspire to Buy homes are let on a five year fixed term tenancy at an affordable rent (80% of market rent). During the five year tenancy period, customers are expected to save to either buy a minimum share in the property (35%) or purchase the property outright at the end of the five years. If a leasehold interest is not purchased at the end of the five years, the tenancy is ended without further responsibility of us to re-house you.

Licence agreement

Licence agreements are used when the accommodation is not self-contained and facilities, such as the kitchen, are shared between more than one household. The accommodation is often provided for a specific need and includes support.